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Coming Full Circle Via Vegan Cupcakes in Brooklyn

Happiness and delicious cupcakes, via a Brooklyn vegan bakery.  “Do you want to come over?” she asked. “Are you going to give me cake?” I was joking, but she didn’t know me well enough to know that.My sense of humor can be pretty dry sometimes, particularly in text.Now that we text every day,…

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Pho Noodle Soup at Au Lạc

Unspeakable Taste with A Silent Chef

Visiting a vegan restaurant run by a Chef who has taken a permanent vow of silence.  Santa Ana, California. I’m on a trip from Las Vegas with my girlfriend at the time, now my really good friend. We would drive down to California from Las Vegas about once every 2 months to go pickup Chè, a…

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OOCo_Photo_ matthewkenneycuisine.com

Vegan Pizza Done Right in NYC

 Chef Matthew Kenney’s most recent vegan venture (which opened earlier this year) tackles an oft poorly developed concept: vegan pizza. However, like his signature layered vegan lasagna from his now closed Pure Food & Wine (which was often imitated by vegan restaurants around the city but never quite successfully duplicated), he’s continued on his journey…

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Your Guide to the 10 Awesomest Vegan Burgers in NYC

Ah… New York. Every holiday I spend there is always such a tease.I usually stay just enough time to get a glimpse of all of the magic the Big Apple has to offer, but never enough to content myself with all of the amazing food.Because yes, New York and Brooklyn are two amazing…

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