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Belonging in Barcelona: Two Cups of Cortado at Cafè Cometa

How Going to One Coffee Shop Twice Made Me Feel Like a Local When I travel abroad, I never like to go to the same place twice. My style of travel is whirlwind – like 11 cities in 14 days kind of whirlwind.I spend so little time in each location that even if I…

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Of Course I’m Having Scotch in Scotland

Scotch-drinking, gin-sipping, tea-slurping, museum-hopping in Glasgow. Growing up in North Carolina, one of my mother’s best friends was an amazing lady who was born and raised in Scotland and has now been living in the “Tar Heel” State for close to 40 years.She is a wonderful combination of Scottish and Southern. She taught me how…

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If Seeing the Olympics in Rio Just Isn’t Enough, Treat Yo’ Self to this Brazilian Jungle Lodge

When I hear eco-lodge, I think camping but in a permanent structure. No electricity, four legged or eight visitors, and mosquitos… Lots of mosquitos.My sister stayed in one in Costa Rica and it was pretty much that.So, I didn’t really know what I was agreeing to back in January.My sister and I…

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Taipei: hot, smelly, dirty and AMAZING

Angry women yelling at the side of the road trying to get you to buy what they’re hawking. Shopkeepers in stores stalk you, making you feel bad if you don’t buy something.This is why I love Taiwan.Photo Credit: Neil Wade The city of Taipei is what one would expect of any Southeast Asian…

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5 Days in Downtown Ithaca With No Car and a Newborn Baby

(You May Have Heard Ithaca is Gorges) In case you missed the message from the Ithaca Visitors’ Bureau, yes, there are a lot of gorges around here, and yes, the area is gorgeous (GET IT?????).It’s also a fairly progressive haven in the middle of right-wing gun country. And it’s also seemingly a magnet for white…

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A Foodie’s One Day Guide to Philadelphia

Sometimes you just need that blast from the past. When I get tired of the endless NYC city scape, my ultimate relaxation is taking the train to Philadelphia.As my college town, Philly has a special place in my heart — full of memories, late night studying and evenings out with friends.My ultimate entrance — walking out of…

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Whiskey with Me: City Girl in the South

A Lousville, Kentucky Bar Spotlight:  Holy Grale Though I’d made the trip to for the love of whiskey, my longtime friend and gracious host, N. asked if I was open to the Holy Grale for my first bar visit in Kentucky, known for “good beer and good company”.Built in 1905 as a Unitarian church…

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“Hunger is a good teacher”: learning from Hemingway in Paris

Le Dome was too pricey. So was Le Globe.It was my third day in Paris and I’d been existing on fruit and le pain au saucisson (hard sausage and butter on fresh … or not so fresh … bread).I’d pushed myself to get to Paris after my job vanished.I found that the food prices…

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Ho Lee Fook! And More Places You Should Check Out in Hong Kong

Hong Kong: possibly the busiest, most crowded, most transient and one of the most exciting cities in the world. If you live in the Western Hemisphere, it’s also one of the farthest away places you can go and, because of that, many people who visit only make it to Hong Kong for a couple of…

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Hungry? I Know A Little Place At The End Of The World

My trip to the end of the world was a long one and boy was I starving. The day began in Chile, in a tiny remote town called Porvenir on Tierra del Fuego island, just south of the very tip of South America.The day would end in Argentina.A couple who owned a hostel…

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