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The Top 5 Foods I Dropped on My Baby’s Head across CA, Portland, and Seattle

(And Some Delicious Foods I Did Not Drop) You walk around with your baby in a carrier. The baby falls asleep.You get hungry.Don’t wake the baby!!!!Crumbs get dropped.Sometimes, good crumbs.Before it got cold, my wife and I took our three-month-old on a two-week-long west coast “meet the baby” tour, and…

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Flour and Water Asparagus and Holy Moly Doppio Raviolini with preserved Meyer Lemon and Whey (Photo: Flour and Water)

How Flour + Water Restaurant Inspired Me to Make Homemade Pasta

 My journey to pasta dough passion by way of Flour + Water Restaurant in San Francisco  2 cups flour + 2 large eggs + 3 egg yolks + a pinch salt  + a tablespoon olive oil + some finger scratching and kneading and boom! YOU HAVE DOUGH.No, not this kind of dough: THIS kind of…

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GTFO of SF 001: Tahoe

Last month, I took the lead for helping plan a ski trip for some friends arriving from NYC: “So we need to find a cool spot in Tahoe now. It’s 5–6 total?” — Dennis “Yes, let’s start that search…ill find out shortly if Eric is onboard.” — Rita “Hey y’all, so Eric is confirmed to join us!Dennis and…

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My Surprising Sanctuary in SF: B Restaurant and Bar

Nestled two stories above SOMA is one of the gems of San Francisco. For me, it’s a welcome respite from the 180bpm hustle of city life.B Restaurant & Bar at 720 Howard Street manages to be a sanctuary despite being flanked by concrete jungle, roaring downtown traffic, and conference-goers who flock into town every…

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