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My Golden Rule To Reuniting With An Old Friend In D.C. (Or Anywhere)

Hint: don’t ruin your appetite Do you remember your teenage years? If you’re lucky, you’ve probably forgotten most of it.Still, setting awkward moments aside for a moment, it was probably a time in your life that you met people that had a large impact, whether or not you knew it at the time.Those people…

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There’s More To Harlem Than a Shake (Hint: F**d)

A food coma breakfast, lunch and dinner in Harlem (with some Puff Daddy, James Brown, Fat Bastard and Paula Abdul thrown in) Being a California girl, I’ve always been enamored with New York City’s food and culture.  I grew up listening to hip-hop artists like Puff Daddy and Mase, and they rapped about their part…

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The Four “Worst” Places in NYC to Come Out to Your Families

My fork is shaking as I pick at a swordfish meatball, sending pine nuts scattering across the plate. It’s a warm Thursday night in late spring in Philadelphia and my mom and I are packed tightly into Amis, the casual bistro by Philadelphia great Mark Vetri.In the 30 minutes I’ve been here, I haven’t…

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GTFO of NYC 003: Breakneck Ridge in Cold Spring, NY

Know someone who needs to get out of NYC? >> click to tweet When good weather hits NYC (sunshine, above 65), everyone is deliriously happy.Surviving a NYC winter feels like an accomplishment — granted, it’s not Minnesota — but the streets get slushy, subways are tighter because everyone is bundled up, and we trudge from home to work…

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The top 10 NYC restaurants I miss eating at since I moved abroad

One of the best things about New York City is the delicious and diverse cheap food culture. Yes, you can go to places like Per Se or Masa and you will have amazing meals.Or, you can go to the dive Mexican joint around the corner and have an amazing adventure for your taste buds…

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