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(Photo: Gigino)

A Morsel of the Amalfi Coast in Manhattan

A beautiful view with even better food on Battery Place When I moved back to NYC from California there were several things I knew I would miss; my gigantic bath tub, my barbecue and my garburator (garbage disposal). I have been in several multimillion dollar one bedroom apartments here that don’t have any of them….

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Flour and Water Asparagus and Holy Moly Doppio Raviolini with preserved Meyer Lemon and Whey (Photo: Flour and Water)

How Flour + Water Restaurant Inspired Me to Make Homemade Pasta

 My journey to pasta dough passion by way of Flour + Water Restaurant in San Francisco  2 cups flour + 2 large eggs + 3 egg yolks + a pinch salt  + a tablespoon olive oil + some finger scratching and kneading and boom! YOU HAVE DOUGH.No, not this kind of dough: THIS kind of…

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The Italian Gem of A Restaurant that Saved My NYC Wedding

How a little East Village Italian restaurant named Cucina De Peche  quite literally saved my wedding The giant hanging neon fish outside indicates a time when neon was ordinary. My wife-to-be and I had stumbled upon it in our first year in the City, when every weekend and a number of weeknights were spent in…

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Where to Satisfy Your Pasta Cravings in NYC if You’re a Starving Artist

Calling New York City a home since 1997, Pepegiallo is one of the most underrated Italian places in Manhattan. Tucked between the 900 square feet galleries in Chelsea, Pepegiallo is a true Italian home kitchen.Hearty Italian food in the city is usually terrible for your wallet, but everything on this menu is under $20.Most…

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