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Drugs, Dank and Dance: Raging in 29 Years of Age In Philly

Sometimes the best way to turn 29 is to turn it up What’s this, a couple of joints and a cap of MDMA?! The latter of which was lovingly offered by Tran the man as my birthday present.Even on the cusp of my 29th year, the manners my momma taught me were chiseled into…

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("Story" Rossyyume)

when i’m gone.txt

A true story of a friend’s last wish. The wind was much louder than six people crying.Besides that particular sunset, the weekend had been much happier than I thought it would be.That day, one year earlier, I rolled over in bed.It was 7am.My partner was on the phone, sitting on the…

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How I Met My Work Bestie and Learned To Stop Being an A**hole

Letting friendship happen at one/two bars in Red Hook When I was in my twenties, I was a little bit of an asshole. I just thought I was way too cool for school.I prided myself on having a really diverse group of friends, from all walks of life.The UNcoolest type of friend to…

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Lyandre and Morrow

Morrow Discovers Thai Subs at Jack’s on Broadway

Eating Thai subs and making memories with my friend, Morrow, in Long Beach. My friend Morrow loved going off the beaten path.These beaten paths usually lead into dark and dangerous territories where I, in my ignorance, would follow.These included bike rides down dark alleys in L.A.’s very well known dangerous skid row.In…

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