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Stillness and Jitters in Paris: My Study in Espresso

Learning to love Parisian Cafés and embracing the cliché I learned to love coffee the first time I lived in Paris, a wide-eyed college student on a yearlong study abroad program.  The previous year I had only flirted with French vanilla — only during exams with a nihilistic helping of cream.  And for two years…

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Belonging in Barcelona: Two Cups of Cortado at Cafè Cometa

How Going to One Coffee Shop Twice Made Me Feel Like a Local When I travel abroad, I never like to go to the same place twice. My style of travel is whirlwind – like 11 cities in 14 days kind of whirlwind.I spend so little time in each location that even if I…

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(Photo: Uncertainty by Adam Williams)

Carbs, Coffee & Chocolate: Coping in Trump’s America

Five places to cope with food & drink in and around Providence, RI in these turbulent times  Ever since the election I’ve been having trouble eating. Either I can’t or my meals consist entirely of dessert.I can’t tell if the lack of nutrition is impacting my health, but the heart palpitations and sleep disturbances…

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R.I.P., Morbid Anatomy Museum. I’ll Miss You.

Saying goodbye. Way too soon.They were so young, and had so much to live (die) for.A lot of people knew Morbid Anatomy as Brooklyn’s answer to the Mutter Museum, and it was.It was the first “hey!you’re a tourist!” place I brought an out-of-town family member who’d studied forensic anthropology and worked…

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Finding My Place in NYC (via the Perfect Coffeeshop, Bar and Soulmate)

“NYC existed with or without my approval, and quietly contained a treasure trove of amazing places and people waiting to find their amazing counterparts.” I was 26 years old when I moved to New York. I was so excited to finally be in the greatest city in the world, and I knew it would be…

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You Get Me, Fresco Gelateria

I stumbled onto Fresco Gelateria a couple of years ago in the Lower East Side. I was dating a girl who worked across the street, and she introduced me to Fresco.I spent a lot of time there— it turned into my work spot, my meeting spot, my hash-out-fights with my (ex)-girlfriend spot.There’s just…

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