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Stories Matter

Our growing community of writers focuses on storytelling beyond reviews. We go beyond the "what" of a typical review and into the "why" a place is meaningful. We ask you - our writers - to share yourselves in your writing because it's your unique voice that makes stories interesting and authentic.

Why Waddle:

1. Focus On Your Writing. We'll Do The Rest.
You focus on writing, we focus on making your writing shine, via editing, headlining, formatting and adding beautiful visuals (gifs and/or pictures).

2. Build Your Portfolio And Brand
We want to help you grow your brand and your portfolio.

3. Test The Waters
Not a professional writer? Don't have your own blog? Use Waddle as your testing ground because, yes, you can do this.

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On Writing:
"Waddle lets me be me on the page. It's the only place I've written for that lets me write whatever I want. I can experiment with form and I can have my voice be what it is.
- Chaia, Content Professional, Writer

On Editing:
"It was amazing. I sent you my article and it came back to me all done and perfect, with amazing pictures.
- Alex, Chef, Writer

On Storytelling:
"I love the storytelling aspect. I think it's the best feature of Waddle. I originally thought Waddle was just a review website, but seeing how personal it is - that's really what I connect with.
- Rachel, Writer

On Creativity:
"I'm in a profession that frowns upon writing in full sentences. Waddle has tapped into a creative spirit that I thought was lost. I haven't written in 12 years. Waddle helps me realize I have ideas, opinions, outside of politics and medicine and it's nice to share them.
- Deepa, Doctor, Writer