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You Get Me, Fresco Gelateria

I stumbled onto Fresco Gelateria a couple of years ago in the Lower East Side. I was dating a girl who worked across the street, and she introduced me to Fresco. I spent a lot of time there— it turned into my work spot, my meeting spot, my hash-out-fights with my (ex)-girlfriend spot. There’s just a few coffeeshops in NYC that I’m in love with — Fresco Gelateria is at the top of the list.

First, this place oozes familiarity and homeyness.

I love family-owned places and this one is owned by siblings — Anna, Ilias, and Vanessa Iliopoulos. It’s also pretty quiet most of the times, so I find it a great place to laser-focus and get shit done. I think the sisters are twins!

(Photo: gvshp.org)

The place itself is beautiful. All wood and white and bright. The vibe is top of the list of why I come back, but isn’t the only reason.

(Photo: www.usalighting.com)

The food is great

I don’t know what they do here — is it too cheesy to say that everything feels like it’s made with love? I find everything they have here delicious. I am not exaggerating. Some of favorites for breakfast and lunch include:

The Avocado Bagel, which pretty much has all my favorite things in the world: feta, dill, lemon juice and red pepper flakes, sprinkled with parmesan over a toasted everything bagel.

And, for lunch, everything they throw wasabi mayo(!) in — like theWasabi Panini with Emmental Swiss cheese, hardboiled egg, wasabi mayo and baby arugula. Mmmm.

It’s open 24 hours

Unlike so many coffeeshops that close in the evening, this is the kind of place you can hit up all night long.

And, Gelato Gelato Gelato

This is why many people come to Fresco— the gelato is AWESOME. Fresh, homemade goodness. Last time they checked, they have about 30 different flavors, but will sell a dozen or so on any given day. Smooth and Creamy.

(Photo: Fresco Gelateria)

While my relationship didn’t last, I’m very happy that this ex-of mine introduced me to you, Fresco Gelateria. So, dear ex, thank you.

Get your coffee, wasabi and gelato fix at:

Fresco Gelateria
138 2nd Ave
b/t St Marks Pl & 9th St
East Village

Fresco Gelateria Facebook

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Whiskey-swilling woman who has zero sense of direction.

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Suma Reddy • July 30, 2016

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