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90% chocolate shots infused with anise seed, cinnamon, hibiscus, habanero, vanilla, and smoked salt (Photo: Middlebury chocolate)

Sipping Chocolate. In 90 Degree Humidity. In Vermont.

On a trip with the love of my life and parents to Middlebury Chocolates in Middlebury, Vermont. If I said that it took you ten minutes to walk down the main street in Middlebury, VT I’d be exaggerating.It’s honestly more like five.But regardless, in 90 percent humidity, it’s hot.Last summer, my partner…

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Hang Hard In Your Jeans & T-shirt At George & Jack’s

The Perfect Place to Have A Few Drinks And HANG HARD We all want that perfect dive bar. That place where you can go when you’re tired and just want to order a pint or a pour without competing for a stool or seat.A place where maybe people don’t quite know your name but…

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My Golden Rule To Reuniting With An Old Friend In D.C. (Or Anywhere)

Hint: don’t ruin your appetite Do you remember your teenage years? If you’re lucky, you’ve probably forgotten most of it.Still, setting awkward moments aside for a moment, it was probably a time in your life that you met people that had a large impact, whether or not you knew it at the time.Those people…

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#stuffed #happy

I (Quite Literally) Ate My Way Around The World One Sunday in Queens

How I consumed Greek, Irish, German, Indian, Spanish and Himalayan deliciousness during one glorious day in Queens. My fiancé and I love to explore.I don’t know if I’ve ever said this out loud, but when I think of exploring I pretty much just expect that I’ll be exploring different food establishments.So, when he got invited to…

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My Favorite Sort of Secret Underground Spot in NYC

You might miss it if you blink, or get off the train. October 27th, 2016: the birthday of a few friends on Facebook, 10 days until the U.S.Election, and the very significant to my life 112th anniversary of my frenemy, the Metropolitan Transit Authority (M.T.A).I’m not quite sure how my obsession with all…

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This without that meat (Photo: Yelp)

I Found Delicious Korean Food in TriBeCa. Yes, TriBeCa!

Enjoying delicious, spicy vegetarian Korean food at Kori in trendy Tribeca Some weekends I like to make believe that I’m a trendy New Yorker who lives in Tribeca. There’s just something about those cobblestoned streets that I (and just about everyone on StreetEasy) find so charming.Just blocks away from Taylor Swift’s loft (probably), I…

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How I Met My Work Bestie and Learned To Stop Being an A**hole

Letting friendship happen at one/two bars in Red Hook When I was in my twenties, I was a little bit of an asshole. I just thought I was way too cool for school.I prided myself on having a really diverse group of friends, from all walks of life.The UNcoolest type of friend to…

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Spiced quail legs with mango radish lychee soya caramel and crème fraiche (Photo: Fade Social)

Dublin: Hot Tea, Crab Toasties and Recovery From Heartbreak

Love, love, love that removed me from all the loss at Fade Street Social In Dublin The middle of winter in Dublin is full of rain, endless squalls of wind, and more than a little bit of cloud. I love that town.The people are friendly, the beer never stops pouring, and mix of Gaelic,…

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(Photo: Emma LaBounty)

Get a Killer Pair of Pants That No Hipster Hath Discovered – for $4

My hearty endorsement of the Livingston St.  Goodwill in Downtown Brooklyn  I know a few people who are as passionate about Goodwill as I am — usually people who love unpretentious thrifting.Goodwill is a refuge for cat-wear lovers (cat sweaters, cat galoshes), for taffeta enthusiasts, and for houndstooth scavengers.There’s the occasional miss, like…

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(Photo: Barry Yanowitz)

Where I Found My Sun In A Dark Depressing New York City

A thank you to Sunset Park for giving me brilliant sunsets and glittering lights during the darkest of times There are places that are new to us and that catch our breath with their novelty. There are places we pass by everyday that we grow used to and lose their wonder.Then there are places…

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