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A Penguin Whacking Another Penguin On The Head

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An ARDUOUS Hungover Trek to My Bronx Hangover Cure

A hangover and a snowstorm can’t keep me from this bliss. Each year I find myself resenting the first instance of snowfall a little more than before.I was born during a snowstorm in January of ‘87, and around every year my sister recalls the day I came back from the hospital as myself, my…

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(Photo: Dominque Ansel Bakery, regram from @catchuseating)

In Uncertain Times, a Donut Brigade Bonds Over Cronuts®

How four friends found a common bond in the quest for a delicious pastry. In 2013, Dominique Ansel, inspired by the pastry gods, invented the Cronut®.A flawless franken-pastry mashup of a doughnut and croissant, filled with a flavored cream.Word got out quick and the Cronut trend EXPLODED.While there are imposters in the world…

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("Story" Rossyyume)

when i’m gone.txt

A true story of a friend’s last wish. The wind was much louder than six people crying.Besides that particular sunset, the weekend had been much happier than I thought it would be.That day, one year earlier, I rolled over in bed.It was 7am.My partner was on the phone, sitting on the…

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(Photo: "Hug
 by Ally Sanchez)

Going Home: The Emerald Rose Irish Pub

Turkey, wine and memories at The Emerald Rose Irish Pub. My cousin walks in the door and bows her head as she speaks to the woman at the front desk.She announces we have an 11:30am reservation for ‘Ercolini’.“Ercolini?” The woman at the front desk takes off her glasses and her eyes lit up…

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How to Co-Work at a Wine Shop: A Step by Step Guide

How I made Vinosfera Wine Gallery in Buenos Aires my go-to co-working space. It’s not that I’m an alcoholic; it’s just that the coffee in Buenos Aires is appalling..Usually, as most digital nomads do, I work from coffeeshops.It’s a much smaller commitment than finding a proper co-working space and I don’t have…

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R.I.P., Morbid Anatomy Museum. I’ll Miss You.

Saying goodbye. Way too soon.They were so young, and had so much to live (die) for.A lot of people knew Morbid Anatomy as Brooklyn’s answer to the Mutter Museum, and it was.It was the first “hey!you’re a tourist!” place I brought an out-of-town family member who’d studied forensic anthropology and worked…

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Eh Date But DAMN Good Drinks & Food on Pearl St

Nibbling on truffle fries, delicious drinks and more on a date at The Dead Rabbit  Friday 3:45.  Myself, and my partner in crime (figuratively) for the better portion of that particular evening, arrived early.“We’re gonna beat the Friday mob for some ‘parlor’ seats!” we foolishly thought.The plan was: chill downstairs, then storm the…

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The Top 5 Foods I Dropped on My Baby’s Head across CA, Portland, and Seattle

(And Some Delicious Foods I Did Not Drop) You walk around with your baby in a carrier. The baby falls asleep.You get hungry.Don’t wake the baby!!!!Crumbs get dropped.Sometimes, good crumbs.Before it got cold, my wife and I took our three-month-old on a two-week-long west coast “meet the baby” tour, and…

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Grand-Central-Oyster BarThe_New_York_City

After Work Oysters, Yes Please!

Eating oysters and cocktails – underground – in Grand Central Station There are a few iconic New York buildings that are loved by tourists and New Yorkers alike. Spots like the top of the Empire State Building are more for tourists while The Highline is a destination we’re happy to take our college BFF on…

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