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Just Get Me Out of the House (Park Slope Edition): A 5-Step Plan to Conquer Boredom Right Now

You’re bored. BOOOOOOOORRRRRRRRED.Everything is BORING!!!!!Your apartment is THE ORIGINAL BOREDOM TRAP.Do not fear.THESE FOUR WALLS CANNOT HOLD YOU!!!!!!What you need is the kind of hard reset that can only be solved by a good wander.Use the following plan merely as a guide; if something en route strikes your fancy,…

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GTFO of SF 001: Tahoe

Last month, I took the lead for helping plan a ski trip for some friends arriving from NYC: “So we need to find a cool spot in Tahoe now. It’s 5–6 total?” — Dennis “Yes, let’s start that search…ill find out shortly if Eric is onboard.” — Rita “Hey y’all, so Eric is confirmed to join us!Dennis and…

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Sushi Seki - Chelsea, NYC

The Unexpected Good Meal

Discovering omakase magic on a cold winter day. It was Valentine’s Day 2016 in New York City — 7 degrees outside with snow flying in furious flurries.My boyfriend had told me that the date would be a surprise, and I, being an under 30s, slightly narcissistic girl had decided to wear a flimsy white dress and…

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GTFO of NYC 002: Woodstock, NY

I’ve lived in NYC for a long time. So long that I’ve pretty much lost count.Three years ago, in need of a place to get away from frenetic city life, I found the perfect place only two hours from NYC: Woodstock, NY.With a population of 6,000, this place is QUAINT.It’s, of course,…

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GTFO of NYC 001: Scranton, PA

NYC is the center of the universe and you’ve had just about about enough of it’s bullshit. This post isn’t for finding cute little Vegan bakeries in Bushwick, this is a plan for catching up with the REST of the world.Destination: Scranton, Pennsylvania.WTF?!Yeah, you read that right.The point of this series…

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Here’s My Vote For The Best Innovative Indian Restaurant in NYC

I have a tough time finding good Indian restaurants in NYC. They’re all mostly North Indian, heavy, and honestly, not that interesting.There is only so much chicken tikka masala and saag paneer I can stomach.That was until, one day my twin sister suggested Graffiti Food & Wine Bar, an eclectic Indian fusion restaurant…

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GTFO of NYC 003: Philly brunch at Honey’s Sit ‘N Eat

NYC isn’t the only place to find an excellent brunch. Hop on a bus or Amtrak headed to Philly and take the Market-Frankfort Line to the Spring Garden station.You’ll find a magical gem of a restaurant in the quaint, historic Northern Liberties neighborhood called Honey’s Sit ‘N Eat.The unassuming wooden sign hints at…

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NYC’s Top-5 Mexican Spots (from a LA transplant)

  So delicious I grew up in Los Angeles and after traveling for some time, I developed a theory: the farther away from LA I was, the harder it was to find good Mexican food. When I moved to NYC seven years ago, I was cautiously hopeful about finding decent Mexican food.After some trials…

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My Surprising Sanctuary in SF: B Restaurant and Bar

Nestled two stories above SOMA is one of the gems of San Francisco. For me, it’s a welcome respite from the 180bpm hustle of city life.B Restaurant & Bar at 720 Howard Street manages to be a sanctuary despite being flanked by concrete jungle, roaring downtown traffic, and conference-goers who flock into town every…

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The NYC Donut Awards Go To…

Donut trekking through Manhattan with three food-tech start-ups Donut or Doughnut? However you spell it, donuts are all kinds of goodness.So, it was our goal — as three NYC food tech start-ups — Waddle, Dollop, and Sweetist, to find the tastiest, fluffiest, gooiest, trendiest donut places in NYC.We hit up Doughnut Plant, The Doughnut Project, Dough, The…

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