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Operation Robot Chicken: My Quest for Jerk Chicken in Brooklyn

Know anyone who will find this fun to read? >> click to tweet Have you ever travelled so far, maybe even too far, to buy a meal you knew was worth the trip because a good friend recommended you go there?This was the case when I promised my family jerk chicken from Exquisite Delight,…

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THIS is the best food truck: Boteco in Austin

It’s not often a business on Yelp yields a near perfect user review average, but this Valentine’s day I got to meet the owners and operators of a food truck that does just that. Boteco, a food truck on the east side of Austin holds true to the owners’ Brazilian roots, proudly defying all statistical…

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Bacchanal — Live Music

New Orleans: Off the Beaten Path

New Orleans is one of three places in the world that feels like home (the other two being Brooklyn and Martinique, French West Indies). I started going to New Orleans after a milestone birthday and, since then, go back a couple of times a year.I do not consider myself a tourist but a visitor….

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An Adventurous “Blind” Date in NYC

We are standing outside with ten others parties — waiting to be seated. Us diners are getting restless — our hunger is growing, as well as our anticipation.I’ve been parking my car outside of this restaurant for the past 8 months — seeing crowds of people with weird goggles grasped in their hands.Tonight is our night to try it…

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8 Best Restaurants to Take a Screaming Baby To In Manhattan

Before I became a mom, I silently judged the parents of every screaming child within earshot. By the time my daughter was four days old, she had stopped screaming for about two hours total, and I realized just how maddening and overwhelming a screaming baby was.But the worst part?Nothing that I tried made…

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GTFO and go to Disney — WITHOUT the Kids

Almost every post I read about Disney before I headed there was written by a Mom or someone who was obviously geared towards kids. Completely understandable.But, let’s face it, no adult really wants to ride Winnie the Pooh again.So, here are my suggestions on what to hit at Disney if you are an…

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The top 10 NYC restaurants I miss eating at since I moved abroad

One of the best things about New York City is the delicious and diverse cheap food culture. Yes, you can go to places like Per Se or Masa and you will have amazing meals.Or, you can go to the dive Mexican joint around the corner and have an amazing adventure for your taste buds…

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My caffeine savior, right where I least expected it: Kampot, Cambodia

You might pass by near Kampot on your way to Sihanoukville from Phnom Penh or Siem Reap, but you’d have to take a detour to actually spend time in this dusty little town. Kampot has made its way onto the well-worn Southeast Asia path now, and those first backpacker whispers are what may have led…

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Futbol, Baby! Where to Watch Soccer, Brooklyn-Style

On the corner of Dean and Vanderbilt in Prospect Heights, Woodwork sits ensconced in the bottom of an apartment building. Dark & dank from thousands of pounds of alcohol crashed and spilled on its floors and walls.Today was Champions league; Real Madrid vs Manchester City.Champions League The “Los Blancos” fans sing their team songs…

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Just Get Me Out of the House (Park Slope Edition): A 5-Step Plan to Conquer Boredom Right Now

You’re bored. BOOOOOOOORRRRRRRRED.Everything is BORING!!!!!Your apartment is THE ORIGINAL BOREDOM TRAP.Do not fear.THESE FOUR WALLS CANNOT HOLD YOU!!!!!!What you need is the kind of hard reset that can only be solved by a good wander.Use the following plan merely as a guide; if something en route strikes your fancy,…

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