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Where I Found the Perfect Escape from the City without Really Escaping

The forgotten island — Roosevelt Island Love living in the city but you need a day to escape — but don’t really have the time? I have the perfect place for you: Roosevelt Island.A little forgotten island right outside the city.And the best part?You can get there on the F train.Yes ladies and gentlemen, you…

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PIC BY MARTIN PATTEN / CATERS NEWS - (PICTURED The squirrel looks to the heavens.) - This incredible photo captured the divine moment a hungry squirrel looked to the heavens for his next meal. The once in a lifetime snap was taken by Martin Patten who stumbled across the spiritual scene at The British Wildlife Centre in Surrey. The 47-year-old from Watford was on a trip with other budding amateur photographers when he spotted the squirrels bizarre behaviour. The father-of-one said he knew immediately that it would make for a great picture. SEE CATERS COPY

Screw Work. Let’s Picnic.

A Guide to the 5 Best Summer Picnic Parks in NYC Hurrah! It’s summer.Time to pack away your marshmallow coat and your boots.Goodbye hats and scarves and gloves.Hello shorts and sundresses and flip flops and Summer Fridays and “doctors appointments” on Tuesday afternoon.There is nothing quite like idling away a lazy…

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7 NYC Bachelorette Party Ideas For the Non-Traditional Bride

Is the bride-to-be kinda not really into the idea of celebrating her impending nuptials getting writhed upon by oiled-up strippers, guzzling alcohol through a penis straw, and running around town in a tiara and sash and Bridezilla tank top in search of some “last night of freedom” while you all yell WOOOOOOOOOOOO and then spend…

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GTFO of NYC 003: Breakneck Ridge in Cold Spring, NY

Know someone who needs to get out of NYC? >> click to tweet When good weather hits NYC (sunshine, above 65), everyone is deliriously happy.Surviving a NYC winter feels like an accomplishment — granted, it’s not Minnesota — but the streets get slushy, subways are tighter because everyone is bundled up, and we trudge from home to work…

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No Sweat: Finding the Best Tacos al Vapor in Mexico City

On a rainy afternoon in Mexico City, I needed to eat lunch. Normally, when I’m abroad, I choose a spot where all the locals are crowding to eat and I eat there.In a city of nine million people, however, there are crowds everywhere — so how to tell what’s best?When I first arrived in Mexico…

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How to do the Pike Place Food Crawl in Seattle

Seattle, the city grown out of thieves, drugs, and brothels is now one of most educated and beautiful cities in the U.S. Whether you’re visiting or taking visiting family and friends out, the following food crawl of the historic Pike Place market is an absolute must.As with most activities in life, this food crawl…

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Top 9 Southern-Inspired Restaurants in NYC

AKA where Southern girls go when we miss our food. I moved to NYC from Georgia a couple of years ago and, sometimes (okay, often), just crave biscuits and gravy or really good fried chicken and waffles.I’ve done the dirty work, scampering around the city, to find the best Southern food I can.I…

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9 Places to Visit for a Real Taste of Cairo: A Little Extra on Music, Architecture and Food

Know someone heading to Cairo? >> click to tweet When you visit Cairo you may know your way to the main attractions — the Pyramids, khan el khalili, the Citadel and the Egyptian and Coptic Museums. But you may want a little bit more of this historical city — the site of a multilayered culture and intertwining faiths that…

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Your Guide to A Brooklyn Beer-Filled Day

Craft beer has taken the industry by storm, and Brooklyn has become the brewery beacon it once was back in the late 1800’s. Before the L train goes down forever, round up your best beer snob crew and head out for a day of boozing in North BK.Brooklyn Brewery First stop: hit up Brooklyn…

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Three Best NYC Restaurants for People Who Hate Food

Food so good that even if you hate eating, you’ll stuff your face 1. Rich Skinny Bitch Succulent, rich and tantalizing.Yes, dahling, not your date for the evening, but the scrumptious fare at Jean Georges.Even if their pre-fixe, three course menu — and all its caloric glory — seems insurmountable to you, nibble away at the a…

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