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A Morsel of the Amalfi Coast in Manhattan

A beautiful view with even better food on Battery Place

When I moved back to NYC from California there were several things I knew I would miss; my gigantic bath tub, my barbecue and my garburator (garbage disposal). I have been in several multimillion dollar one bedroom apartments here that don’t have any of them.  NYC doesn’t like garburators.

The thing that would end up being the hardest about leaving Laguna Beach was dining al fresco.

Amazing parties, the ability to eat outside all year long was a life changing experience.

Yeah sometimes you are wrapped up in sweaters, high and the steak is cold but who the fuck cares?


Currently living in Lower Manhattan I have a great view, a beautifully renovated kitchen and cross breezes that make my place special.

But something was missing until I found Gigino!
(Photo: Gigino)

(Photo: Gigino)

Imagine my luck that it was right across the street from me.

Aside from Sicily my favorite place is the Amalfi Coast and Gigino is inspired by foods from the region. Literally it tastes like the food I made and served for 10 years to my amicas, my neighbors, and my out of town guests. Even the dishware I use is from a trip to the Amalfi Coast and a fantastic ceramic market in Positano all purchased when we still had a great dollar!

At Gigino the yellow tomato soup is served into the autumn. It is a must have, so light and fresh and yet so nutritious you could eat it every day and never get sick of it!

The steak is grilled..like …maybe …they have a barbecue like my old one hidden somewhere?!


Specials are abundant at Gigino. There are two sets of daily specials everyday. Order any of them with total confidence.

As you might imagine the pasta…is just like how me and mama used to make it.

The signature dish at Gigino is the Spaghetti Padrino. You probably have not had anything like this unless you spent time in Capri or at Gigino.
(Photo: Gigino)

(Photo: Gigino)

Gigino’s is on the Hudson waterfont (on the lower west side) and its view of the Statue of Liberty (my personal Jesus) is breathtaking.
Sunset at Gigino at Wagner Park

(Photo: Gigino at Wagner Park)

Every local or yocal says: Where are we? I didn’t know this existed!

The thrill of walking across the street to this paradise and not only having an incredible experience but continuing a beautiful tradition in my life is super sweet.

The sharing of a great meal while looking at the water and drinking amazing wine outside….well for me that’s amore!
sunset1 Gigino at Wagner Park)

(Photo: Gigino at Wagner Park)

Gigino is actually in a small park called Wagner Park.

Which makes it pretty convenient if you want to take a stroll and a smoke between courses.

Just like home!

PS We go from April through October or until they close the outdoor seating then I order in from November through March as the seating is limited and you lose the spectacular view.

Gigino At Wagner Park
20 Battery Place
New York, NY 10004

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Karin Bellantoni • January 28, 2017

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