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A Foodie’s One Day Guide to Philadelphia

Sometimes you just need that blast from the past. When I get tired of the endless NYC city scape, my ultimate relaxation is taking the train to Philadelphia. As my college town, Philly has a special place in my heart — full of memories, late night studying and evenings out with friends.

My ultimate entrance — walking out of 30th street station to white cement scape, sun blaring in soft shades and the reminiscent women’s voice speaking through the Market street crossing. This completes the transformation into an in-between state of life full of fond memories & reunions with friends.

Start at Walnut and walk to university city past Penn’s campus. First stop: City Tap House a classy beer joint which hosts full-scrub medical school happy hours and has a draft list complete with sours and ciders along with old Pennsylvania favorites like Allagash, Yards and Yuengling.

Photo Credit: City Tap House

Cross at 40th street and walk towards Spruce. Pass Smokey Joe’s, the infamous classic college hangout and collide with Allegro Pizza, the go-to pizza spot for your 1am, 2am…3am? cravings.

Time to speed forward in time. Off to Rittenhouse Square, the place to be on a summery Saturday morning eating brunch at Parc Restaurant, Bistro and Cafe at an outside duo table. Enjoy your cappuccino and French onion soup while people watching and dog watching. Grab a lemonade at the summer Rittenhouse Park Farmers’ Market before continuing downtown on Chestnut. Don’t miss the house made burrata cheese at Di Bruno Brosgourmet food staple store. And if you’re looking for classy transportation, head to Alma de Cuba to binge on their Pao de Queijo bread and Vaca Frita.

Turn down the spirited side to Philly’s eclectic South street. Head to Creperie Beau Monde where impeccable French, meets homey atmosphere, meets south Philly personality. Pâté fan? Try their pâté pallet for the ultimate indulgence. Join the endless debate of who makes the best Philadelphia cheese steak: Jim’s Steaks at S. 4th is a contender. Or, if you’re looking for a quieter place to get work done, go to Chapterhouse Cafe to relax and chat upstairs or study downstairs. Need spice in your life? Head to the original Han Dynasty, an infamous Szechuan restaurant.

Chapterhouse Cafe and Creperie Beau Monde (Photo Credit: Chapterhouse and Roadtrippers)
Han Dynasty and Jim’s Steaks (Photo Credits: The Drink Nation and Goldbely)

End your Saturday on Girard avenue. Rendezvous at Frankford Hall with friends, a German beer hall complete with outdoor seating, bratwurst, sour kraut, fire pits, and Jenga. And of course — priceless memories.

The List

City Tap House
Radian Balcony
3925 Walnut St, Fl 2
University City

Smokey Joe’s
208 S 40th St
University City

Allegro Pizza
3942 Spruce St
University City

Rittenhouse Square
18th and Walnut
Rittenhouse Square, Penn Center

Parc Restaurant, Bistro and Cafe
227 S 18th St
Rittenhouse Square

Di Bruno Bros
1730 Chestnut St
Rittenhouse Square, Penn Center

Alma de Cuba
1623 Walnut St
Rittenhouse Square, Penn Center

Creperie Beau Monde
624 S 6th St
Bella Vista

Jim’s Steaks
400 S St
South Street District, Society Hill

Chapter House
620 S 9th St
Bella Vista

Han Dynasty
123 Chestnut St
Old City

Frankford Hall
1210 Frankford Ave

Photo Credits: City Tap House, Chapterhouse Facebook, Road Trippers, The Drink Nation, Goldbely

Writer Logan Troppito also likes NYC, including the restaurants in her friend’s list on the four “worst” places to come out to you’re families.

A food-prenuer always looking to find new food and recipes around New York and the world.

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Logan Troppito • July 26, 2016

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