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7 NYC Bachelorette Party Ideas For the Non-Traditional Bride

Is the bride-to-be kinda not really into the idea of celebrating her impending nuptials getting writhed upon by oiled-up strippers, guzzling alcohol through a penis straw, and running around town in a tiara and sash and Bridezilla tank top in search of some “last night of freedom” while you all yell WOOOOOOOOOOOO and then spend the next morning with a hellish hangover and many regrets?

Wait, no? Are you sure?

Well, ok, if you must. Here are two different activity crawls that might be more up the low-key B2B’s alley: One Brooklyn, one Manhattan.


Paper Source

Start by getting crafty in Park Slope! An intrepid shop staffer will teach you how to make fancy cards or invitations; how to decorate wooden bangles with glued-on paper, paint, or washi tape; or how to do whatever other fun thing they have on the calendar at the moment. Then you take your pretties home to remind you of that lovely mellow time you all bonded over playing “let’s make something.” Paper Source will host a small group — size varies by location — and lets you BYOB/S(nacks).

paper puppy dog!!!!!

Cacao Prieto / Widow Jane

Next, head over to Red Hook to tour the joint chocolate and whiskey factory. Find out how the raw materials go from something that you would never in a million years eat or drink into utterly delicious treats. (Side note: Congratulations, whoever discovered how to make cacao edible! Spoiler alert: Mayans. Same goes with fermented grain. Wowser. Would you ever look at a random bad-flavored bean and grain and think, “This would be so tasty, if only it were processed in several different ways?”) Each tour includes samples and tasting flights! Your safeword may never be “cacao” again.



Once you’ve worked up an appetite, walk a few blocks north to Grindhaus, where the burgers have won various awards from Thrillist, Eater, The Village Voice, and probably a whole bunch of other places that will soon include your stomach. The food is great, the atmosphere is quirky and cozy (call ahead for reservations for groups larger than 4), there’s a backyard, why are you still reading this, you should just go eat there, bachelorette party or no.

more please


Times Square Sephora

For makeup classes, not just for shopping. Yes, it’s Times Square. But don’t let the tourists stop you: This is the best-stocked Sephora in the city.And unlike some of the other stores in this chain, this one employs folks who sport a very wide array of looks, so it is a very good bet that if you name a product, someone who works there can tell you about it in more detail than just their usual staffer training offers. Sign up for a group class to conquer contouring and cat eyeliner for once and for all before the trends pass. Bonus, then you’ll know how to do them for when they’re back again in 2031.

this is why you need a make-up lesson

32 Karaoke

Head southeast to scream/sing your heart out in the privacy of a tiny (or big) room! This place has an exhaustive catalogue, so whatever your guilty or non-guilty pleasure (no judgment), you’ll find it here. They sell wine, beer, soju aka DANGER IN A BOTTLE, and a wide variety of non-alcoholic stuff, plus water.


Sid Gold’s Request Room

If you’re feeling like serenading more than just the bride and pals, go for live piano karaoke in the back room at Sid’s! The catalogue is smallish but has something for everyone, and this is seriously one of the most “everyone welcome” places you’ll find. A warm, supportive atmosphere with good drinks, substantial bar snacks, and an itty-bitty two-mic stage just barely big enough for three. Starring . . . you all!

that can be you

Mandoo Bar and Mad Libs

Cap the tunes with some tasty dumplings down the street from either karaoke joint. Also noteworthy: This place serves bowls of equally tasty soup bigger than the average human head. Bring along a book of Mad Libs to close out an earlyish night — Mandoo closes at 10pm — with a little starch, a little protein, and a little fill-in-the-blank.


The End.

From Brooklyn…

Paper Source


Cacao Prieto / Widow Jane

…To Manhattan

Times Square Sephora

32 Karaoke or Sid Gold’s Request Room

Mandoo Bar

Chaia has also written about where to trek around Park Slope, and Ithaca, with no car and a newborn baby.

A taco-based life form, my quest is decent east coast carne asada. Blah blah blah, cats, boba, merry-go-rounds, parenting, etc.

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Chaia • June 14, 2016

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