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Flour and Water Asparagus and Holy Moly Doppio Raviolini with preserved Meyer Lemon and Whey (Photo: Flour and Water)

How Flour + Water Restaurant Inspired Me to Make Homemade Pasta

 My journey to pasta dough passion by way of Flour + Water Restaurant in San Francisco  2 cups flour + 2 large eggs + 3 egg yolks + a pinch salt  + a tablespoon olive oil + some finger scratching and kneading and boom! YOU HAVE DOUGH.No, not this kind of dough: THIS kind of…

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Interior of Baraka Cafe in Boston

We FINALLY Have An Answer To, “Where Can I Find Algerian-Tunisian / North African Food in Boston?”

Where this Boston foodie goes when she returns home: Baraka Cafe in Boston’s Porter Square Originally from Boston and a foodie, it can be expected that returning home comes with the tough decision of what and where to eat when my trip from NYC consists of only 48 hours of beantown exposure. But, I do have my place: Baraka…

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A Foodie’s One Day Guide to Philadelphia

Sometimes you just need that blast from the past. When I get tired of the endless NYC city scape, my ultimate relaxation is taking the train to Philadelphia.As my college town, Philly has a special place in my heart — full of memories, late night studying and evenings out with friends.My ultimate entrance — walking out of…

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