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(Photo: Uncertainty by Adam Williams)

Carbs, Coffee & Chocolate: Coping in Trump’s America

Five places to cope with food & drink in and around Providence, RI in these turbulent times  Ever since the election I’ve been having trouble eating. Either I can’t or my meals consist entirely of dessert.I can’t tell if the lack of nutrition is impacting my health, but the heart palpitations and sleep disturbances…

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R.I.P., Morbid Anatomy Museum. I’ll Miss You.

Saying goodbye. Way too soon.They were so young, and had so much to live (die) for.A lot of people knew Morbid Anatomy as Brooklyn’s answer to the Mutter Museum, and it was.It was the first “hey!you’re a tourist!” place I brought an out-of-town family member who’d studied forensic anthropology and worked…

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The Top 5 Foods I Dropped on My Baby’s Head across CA, Portland, and Seattle

(And Some Delicious Foods I Did Not Drop) You walk around with your baby in a carrier. The baby falls asleep.You get hungry.Don’t wake the baby!!!!Crumbs get dropped.Sometimes, good crumbs.Before it got cold, my wife and I took our three-month-old on a two-week-long west coast “meet the baby” tour, and…

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“Eat Us,” Said All The Popsicles, Because Summer is Ending in NYC

Your Park Slope Popsicle Crawl: 3 Places to Eat Frozen Treats Before Summer Ends (HURRY!!!!!!!!!) A fall feelings haiku: NO NO NO NO NO! SUMMER, NO, NO!DO NOT GO!SUMMER: DO NOT GO!This article is going to be quick so you can get out the door and hold on to the sun as…

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5 Days in Downtown Ithaca With No Car and a Newborn Baby

(You May Have Heard Ithaca is Gorges) In case you missed the message from the Ithaca Visitors’ Bureau, yes, there are a lot of gorges around here, and yes, the area is gorgeous (GET IT?????).It’s also a fairly progressive haven in the middle of right-wing gun country. And it’s also seemingly a magnet for white…

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7 NYC Bachelorette Party Ideas For the Non-Traditional Bride

Is the bride-to-be kinda not really into the idea of celebrating her impending nuptials getting writhed upon by oiled-up strippers, guzzling alcohol through a penis straw, and running around town in a tiara and sash and Bridezilla tank top in search of some “last night of freedom” while you all yell WOOOOOOOOOOOO and then spend…

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Just Get Me Out of the House (Park Slope Edition): A 5-Step Plan to Conquer Boredom Right Now

You’re bored. BOOOOOOOORRRRRRRRED.Everything is BORING!!!!!Your apartment is THE ORIGINAL BOREDOM TRAP.Do not fear.THESE FOUR WALLS CANNOT HOLD YOU!!!!!!What you need is the kind of hard reset that can only be solved by a good wander.Use the following plan merely as a guide; if something en route strikes your fancy,…

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