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(Photo: RedFarm)

You Win Some You Dim Sum: Single Ladies Night at RedFarm

Hunger, happiness and House Mule: Single Ladies Night never felt so right Come hungry. My best friend of 15 years is a notorious fan of a good date night.Whenever we both happen to be single, she is the one to tap me on the shoulder and say, “When are you taking me out?We…

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My Golden Rule To Reuniting With An Old Friend In D.C. (Or Anywhere)

Hint: don’t ruin your appetite Do you remember your teenage years? If you’re lucky, you’ve probably forgotten most of it.Still, setting awkward moments aside for a moment, it was probably a time in your life that you met people that had a large impact, whether or not you knew it at the time.Those people…

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Spiced quail legs with mango radish lychee soya caramel and crème fraiche (Photo: Fade Social)

Dublin: Hot Tea, Crab Toasties and Recovery From Heartbreak

Love, love, love that removed me from all the loss at Fade Street Social In Dublin The middle of winter in Dublin is full of rain, endless squalls of wind, and more than a little bit of cloud. I love that town.The people are friendly, the beer never stops pouring, and mix of Gaelic,…

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