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Fill Your Belly With Cincinnati Comfort Food: An Itinerary

Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Dessert, and More in the Queen City. Cincinnati was made for comfort food.Cincinnati is made of comfort food.Cincinnati is the comfort food equivalent of flopping down on the couch after a long, tiring day, putting your feet up on the coffee table, and shoving one hand into the waistband of…

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Coming Full Circle Via Vegan Cupcakes in Brooklyn

Happiness and delicious cupcakes, via a Brooklyn vegan bakery.  “Do you want to come over?” she asked. “Are you going to give me cake?” I was joking, but she didn’t know me well enough to know that.My sense of humor can be pretty dry sometimes, particularly in text.Now that we text every day,…

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Stillness and Jitters in Paris: My Study in Espresso

Learning to love Parisian Cafés and embracing the cliché I learned to love coffee the first time I lived in Paris, a wide-eyed college student on a yearlong study abroad program.  The previous year I had only flirted with French vanilla — only during exams with a nihilistic helping of cream.  And for two years…

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Buenos Aires Ice Cream Is Marvelous. Here’s Why.

Four key factors (and two deliciously specific spots) working in your factor when it comes to ice cream in Buenos Aires. I love summertime because summertime means sunshine and sundresses and drinking by the pool and, best of all, lots of and lots of ice cream.I don’t have a very big sweet tooth but…

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Belonging in Barcelona: Two Cups of Cortado at Cafè Cometa

How Going to One Coffee Shop Twice Made Me Feel Like a Local When I travel abroad, I never like to go to the same place twice. My style of travel is whirlwind – like 11 cities in 14 days kind of whirlwind.I spend so little time in each location that even if I…

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Drugs, Dank and Dance: Raging in 29 Years of Age In Philly

Sometimes the best way to turn 29 is to turn it up What’s this, a couple of joints and a cap of MDMA?! The latter of which was lovingly offered by Tran the man as my birthday present.Even on the cusp of my 29th year, the manners my momma taught me were chiseled into…

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Upright Citizens Brigade

Comedy As A Spiritual Experience: Upright Citizens Brigade

Finding My Sanctuary at UCB  Multiple times a week, for the last four years, I have eagerly descended a set of stairs with fellow revelers into a dimly lit, tiny basement comedy theatre called Upright Citizens Brigade (UCB). It is, in fact, the steadiest relationship with a sanctuary I’ve ever had.In comedy, without fail,…

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A Morsel of the Amalfi Coast in Manhattan

A beautiful view with even better food on Battery Place When I moved back to NYC from California there were several things I knew I would miss; my gigantic bath tub, my barbecue and my garburator (garbage disposal). I have been in several multimillion dollar one bedroom apartments here that don’t have any of them….

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(Photo: Uncertainty by Adam Williams)

Carbs, Coffee & Chocolate: Coping in Trump’s America

Five places to cope with food & drink in and around Providence, RI in these turbulent times  Ever since the election I’ve been having trouble eating. Either I can’t or my meals consist entirely of dessert.I can’t tell if the lack of nutrition is impacting my health, but the heart palpitations and sleep disturbances…

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You Win Some You Dim Sum: Single Ladies Night at RedFarm

Hunger, happiness and House Mule: Single Ladies Night never felt so right Come hungry. My best friend of 15 years is a notorious fan of a good date night.Whenever we both happen to be single, she is the one to tap me on the shoulder and say, “When are you taking me out?We…

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