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Protected: Drugs and Girl Bonding in the Catskills

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Of Course I’m Having Scotch in Scotland

Scotch-drinking, gin-sipping, tea-slurping, museum-hopping in Glasgow. Growing up in North Carolina, one of my mother’s best friends was an amazing lady who was born and raised in Scotland and has now been living in the “Tar Heel” State for close to 40 years. She is a wonderful combination of Scottish and Southern.  She taught me how…

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If It’s Curry, It Has to Have an Accent

Enjoying the sensual tastes of Indian Accent in NYC There we were, three ‘desis’ tossing back gin and tonics, high above the New York skyline, solving the problems of the world. There is nothing like a refreshing gin and tonic when heat waves are sticking to the body like glue. At some point our bodies…

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Owner and Chef Kris Yenbamroong at Night Market Song in LA

Crying Alone and Loving It

At Night + Market Song in LA. I travel a lot to Los Angeles for work, and my days are filled with meetings upon coffees upon networking events upon more meetings. In between all of these obligations I’m behind the wheel waiting in traffic to make it to my next engagement, something that exhausts me more than…

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If Seeing the Olympics in Rio Just Isn’t Enough, Treat Yo’ Self to this Brazilian Jungle Lodge

When I hear eco-lodge, I think camping but in a permanent structure. No electricity, four legged or eight visitors, and mosquitos… Lots of mosquitos. My sister stayed in one in Costa Rica and it was pretty much that. So, I didn’t really know what I was agreeing to back in January. My sister and I…

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Soak up the Sun, Food & Sights in Dennis, Cape Cod

Cape Cod is known for its beautiful beaches, wonderful restaurants, and generally excellent family atmosphere that makes it a great place to eat ice cream and play mini golf. The center of the Cape, and its beating heart, is the town of Dennis. Smaller than Barnstable and Yarmouth, the town boasts some of the region’s…

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A Complete Vegetarian’s Guide to Smorgasburg

With the L train undergoing an 18 month renovation in 2019, we just have two more summers to savor Smorgasborg. Going to Smorgasburg can be overwhelming, even for a vegetarian with the plethora of options. Here are some of my top picks: Lumpia Shack The mushroom lumpia served there is divine. Hot, well-seasoned and it…

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Taipei: hot, smelly, dirty and AMAZING

Angry women yelling at the side of the road trying to get you to buy what they’re hawking. Shopkeepers in stores stalk you, making you feel bad if you don’t buy something. This is why I love Taiwan. Photo Credit: Neil Wade The city of Taipei is what one would expect of any Southeast Asian…

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5 Days in Downtown Ithaca With No Car and a Newborn Baby

(You May Have Heard Ithaca is Gorges) In case you missed the message from the Ithaca Visitors’ Bureau, yes, there are a lot of gorges around here, and yes, the area is gorgeous (GET IT?????).It’s also a fairly progressive haven in the middle of right-wing gun country. And it’s also seemingly a magnet for white…

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The Four “Worst” Places in NYC to Come Out to Your Families

My fork is shaking as I pick at a swordfish meatball, sending pine nuts scattering across the plate. It’s a warm Thursday night in late spring in Philadelphia and my mom and I are packed tightly into Amis, the casual bistro by Philadelphia great Mark Vetri. In the 30 minutes I’ve been here, I haven’t…

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