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My Night at Virgola with the Girl in the Red Dress

Enjoying chemistry, cocktails and bivalves at Virgola’s in the West Village, NYC As a sucker for poetic nostalgia (as well as cleverly crafted cocktails & raw bivalves), I feel that a review of this place would be appropriate, as 2015 may have been the tastiest year to date for yours truly; this was a year that…

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Flour and Water Asparagus and Holy Moly Doppio Raviolini with preserved Meyer Lemon and Whey (Photo: Flour and Water)

How Flour + Water Restaurant Inspired Me to Make Homemade Pasta

 My journey to pasta dough passion by way of Flour + Water Restaurant in San Francisco  2 cups flour + 2 large eggs + 3 egg yolks + a pinch salt  + a tablespoon olive oil + some finger scratching and kneading and boom! YOU HAVE DOUGH. No, not this kind of dough: THIS kind of…

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The Italian Gem of A Restaurant that Saved My NYC Wedding

How a little East Village Italian restaurant named Cucina De Peche  quite literally saved my wedding The giant hanging neon fish outside indicates a time when neon was ordinary. My wife-to-be and I had stumbled upon it in our first year in the City, when every weekend and a number of weeknights were spent in…

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Finding My Place in NYC (via the Perfect Coffeeshop, Bar and Soulmate)

“NYC existed with or without my approval, and quietly contained a treasure trove of amazing places and people waiting to find their amazing counterparts.” I was 26 years old when I moved to New York. I was so excited to finally be in the greatest city in the world, and I knew it would be…

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Where to Fall in Love in Brooklyn in Winter (Because Winter is Coming)

Make some winter memories at these four Brooklyn bars You know what I hate? Being cold. It’s the worst. While everyone is busy complaining all summer about the heat and how expensive air conditioning is, I’m shouting to the goddesses to make it last. Unfortunately, winter is inevitable, and with it, I’m told, comes cuffing…

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Costa Verde, Miraflores, Lima, Perú_Ahmed Shihab-Eldin

My Peru: Beautiful Beach, Gorgeous Woman, Painful Sea Urchin

Enjoying Miraflores Beach in Lima (even after I stepped on a sea urchin). There’s a whole array of solo sports that require balance for success – skateboarding, hula-hooping, that two-piece contraption where you have to stand on a rolling wooden board and not fall on your face etc. And I’ve been a fan of most…

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Do I Stay or Do I Go? A NYC Blind Date Planning Guide: Chinatown Edition

A three-part guide to dumplings, drinks, discussion topics and exit strategies for your Chinatown blind date A blind date is less a date and more a series of contingency plans. There is no better neighborhood than Chinatown for supplying a plan B or a plan C. The very nature of the neighborhood – its hidden…

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Three (Equally Awesome) Ways to do Thailand: Which One Would You Do?

(This writer had fun doing all three) Oh the places you will go.  And Thailand is one you should go to, a lot.  If you’ve traveled a lot through Asia, you know that there is a plethora of places you can travel to get great cultural experiences, steep yourself in history or explore beautiful beaches….

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I’m from the West (Best) Coast and This Is Where I Eat Tacos in NYC

Where a California-native, current New Yorker finally found delicious, authentic Mexican food in NYC (for a great price, too)  It’s a tired but true complaint: Every Cali transplant who moves out east laments the lack of “real” Mexican food in NYC. It’s hard to find satiety in the absence of tacos from LA’s Tacos Leos or…

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Bright Orange Mushy Deliciousness: My Search for NYC’s Best Uni

The quest for the finest sea urchin and possibly, the meaning of life, at SakaMai, Shabu Shabu 70 and Soto in NYC. My love for sea urchin began innocently enough on a work trip in Tokyo in 2003, enjoying dinner with a geisha performance on our last evening. Our generous hosts raved about the geisha…

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